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ProActivate, LLC -  Sales Talent Acquisition

We are proud to have placed candidates with companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.


ProActivate partners globally with forward-thinking leaders of sales organizations to protect and propel their revenue by providing top working and winning talent.  Our unique model is the next generation of sales talent acquisition and NOT structured like traditional recruiting! We do this by our advanced in-depth sales behavioral qualification process and simulation evaluation in order to match your company's critical performance characteristics to working and winning top talent. Through this new, revolutionary approach, we provide our clients with revenue generating talent that make a long-term impact to the organization. 

Specifically we help ensure your organization is protected by providing a funnel of sales talent so leaders are prepared if top performers unexpectedly leave.  Additionally, we replace C players with A players, and help organizations strategically grow and expand their teams.  Conservative estimates reveal that the loss of a top-performing sales associate can cost an organization $1 million or more when factors such as lost opportunities, time/resources needed to fill an open position, and ramp up time are considered. These high stakes underscore the importance for sales organizations to be proactive to protect revenue!

The highest praise for a company's service is that its clients are willing to tell others. ​Here are just a few of our client's ProActivate experiences:

"ProActivate has been an excellent partner in helping us identify strategic hires in key markets, both at the direct sales representative level, and for an addition to our executive sales leadership team. Our Talent Manager took the time to understand our culture and presented candidates who were a match not only in skillset, but individuals who also exemplified our values. In looking for a sales talent acquisition partner who listens, is extremely responsive throughout the process, and who consistently delivers high quality candidates, I would not hesitate to work with ProActivate again. As this was my organizations first engagement with a talent management firm of any sort, we could not have asked for a better partner!" 
VP of Sales, getAbstract, Inc.


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